Win The Texas Cantina


When is a gathering space more than a gathering space? When that gathering space is the Texas Cantina!

Painstakingly restored by skilled Italian artisans, this cantina is Italy personified. No detail was spared during the restoration. From the 700-year-old arch, to the restored antique wine making equipment, it is a party every time you go enter.  See a video of the cantina in action by clicking on

Now that you have seen the cantina in action, venture to the bar area with the living cave. The incredible custom-made bar is made from the area where, in the past, grapes were stomped to make wine. Fully stocked and ready to serve a crowd of any size, this bar is made for entertainment.

One of my favorite things about this space is the pure joy people experience when they are here. If the karaoke and singing get to be too much, take a moment and enjoy the soothing lights of the grotto, your own private living cave built into the cantina! Fully restored and offering several private seating areas this is truly a space like no other.

Are you ready to win this amazing bar and the villa that goes with it? We thought you might be. Tickets are only $50USD (45€) (38GBP) Enter to win by clicking this link

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