COVID-19 Coronavirus Italy

      This situation here in Italy is serious.  The country on full lock-down.  All businesses, and schools are closed.  Only the grocery store, and pharmacy will remain open. It is recommended that only one person per household leave for food or medicine.  Italy has adopted the slogan “Io resto a casa” or “I will stay […]


Win The Texas Cantina

When is a gathering space more than a gathering space? When that gathering space is the Texas Cantina! Painstakingly restored by skilled Italian artisans, this cantina is Italy personified. No detail was spared during the restoration. From the 700-year-old arch, to the restored antique wine making equipment, it is a party every time you go […]


Those $1 Villas For Sale In Italy Could Cost You Over $100,000

Since January 2016, a growing number of small, rural towns in Italy have been selling villas for the symbolic price of one euro, or just 1.13 dollars. Ollolai (Sardinia), Sambuca (Sicily), Cantiano (Le Marche), Mussomeli (Sicily), and Zungoli (Campania) are just a few on the list. An increasing number of municipalities are considering offering similar […]

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