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      This situation here in Italy is serious.  The country on full lock-down.  All businesses, and schools are closed.  Only the grocery store, and pharmacy will remain open. It is recommended that only one person per household leave for food or medicine.  Italy has adopted the slogan “Io resto a casa” or “I will stay home”.  The people initially had much resistance on being quarantined. Many ignored the warning, and many more have gotten sick.  Now with most of Italy adhering to the temporary regulations. Italy is now positioned to turn the corner, and work on its recovery.

     Italy is a country for the people.  During this crisis all mortgages, and utility payments including disconnects will he halted. Our Protezione Civile   or Civil Protection Department is the national body in Italy that deals with the prediction, prevention, and management of emergency events.  This department is ensuring that during this crisis our people especially our must vulnerable are cared for. This includes home delivery of food and medicine at zero cost.  Our hospitals are staffed with highly skilled medical staff and ready to care for with zero cost to the individual.

     During this time of crisis, I encourage you to continue to buy Italian.  Continue to buy your favorite Italian foods, buy our fashion or book the vacation you have always wanted to go on.   Are you dreaming of owning a home in Italy? Make that dream happen! Browse our listings and see if the home you have always wanted is waiting for you.  Your local mom and pop Italian shops need you! In Italy anywhere in the world you are, please continue support them.  Italy is strong! Italy is resilient! We will bounce back and be better than ever.  FORZA ITALIA!

Armand Giovannotto – CEO

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